Blog: Clare Pfeiffer Ramsey

Model D managing editor Clare Pfeiffer Ramsey reports in this week from the publication's  Motor City headquarters on why Metro Detroit needs to rethink their relationship with the city and why summer is the perfect time to do it. She'll be giving metromode readers the skinny on what Detroit has to offer the region that you simply can't find anywhere else.

Post No. 5

I was at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit last night for an event, and had to return today to pick up something  I Ieft behind. So this morning I brought the kiddies and even on a dreary Wednesday morning we had a blast.

MOCAD, located a few blocks from the DIA on Woodward, has become the epicenter of cool happenings for the art school kids in the Cass Corridor, and those who want to still stay in touch with their inner art school kid. The MOCAD is the newest art museum in Detroit -- a year and a half old. Built in an old car dealership building, the space is raw, rough, open and inviting. The art ranges from eclectic to odd to exhilarating  -- this month it's all Detroit-based or Detroit-grown artists, plus a way cool exhibit on the condo project being made from old shipping containers -- a totally cool thing in an of itself.

Contemporary art too pretentious for you? MOCAD makes it accessible. Many of their events are tiered, so that those who can pay the big bucks have their time, but later for $10 or less you can come for a DJ or band that lasts until the wee hours.

Plus, back to the kiddies, they have way cool educational and interactive programming, usually on a Sunday, for the whole fam. June 15 the UFO Factory peeps entertain the wee ones:

"Join in for free drop-in workshop led by TIME STEREO artist Warn Defever as he leads a cacophonous symphony using thumb pianos. All materials provided."

Is there a more cool way to spend Father's Day? I think not.