Blog: Jeanette Pierce

Get wind of what's happening on Woodward with Jeanette Pierce, co-founder of Inside Detroit. This non-profit walking convention and visitor's bureau has the ground-level view of Detroit's cultural, historical, entertainment, and retail venues. Jeanette will explain how Inside Detroit is attracting talent and promoting economic growth in the region.

Jeanette Pierce: Post 5 - Detroit: Where Dreams Come True

Many people look at the vacant lots, abandoned buildings and the crisis in the American auto industry and see a Detroit that is dying…if not already dead. Others look at those same things and see a Detroit that is full of opportunity…a place where dreams can come true.

I'm living my dream here…and I could not be doing it anywhere else. When we take people around Detroit, we show them examples of successful businesses, creative projects, the untapped potential. We want to inspire them to create their idea, their dream, in Detroit…to utilize the land, restore the buildings, create businesses and jobs like many are doing right now. That is the future.

Detroit's motto is Speramus Meliora Resurget Cineribus, which means "We hope for better things; it will arise from the ashes." That is what we are in the midst of doing right now…rebuilding ourselves, both literally and figuratively. It's an amazing time to be in Detroit, and I wouldn't miss it for anything.

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