Blog: Kerrie Schneider

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match! Kerrie Schneider, owner of Bella Introductions, writes on the business of love and on how new demographics impact lovin' in Detroit.

The Business of Love

I started Bella Introductions after making many successful matches among friends, family and former colleagues and I knew I had that intuitive, innate skill that is required of any successful matchmaker.  You have to be able to find and make the right connections for people on all levels – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  And as a bonus, I love what I do.

As happens with so many of us, I went through my own relationship hiccups, and realized how hard it can be to find that special someone you want to spend your life with.  Life can throw curve balls when it comes to love.  After kissing a lot of frogs and refusing to settle in order to settle down, I was lucky enough to find my best match this time around. But not everyone is.

And so, with a successful career history under my belt, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the belief that I could find a better way to match couples, I created Bella Introductions to fill a void in the Metro Detroit area; a 100% confidential, personalized and effective approach for hard to find, attractive singles – to be found and matched to one another using our matchmaking services.

My members and clients go through an extensive screening process before coming on board with our matchmaking agency.  Members are placed into our singles portfolio and are matched based on client criteria, while clients elect a more proactive approach.  We search anywhere and everywhere in the metro Detroit and surrounding areas to find the right matches.  So look your best when you head to the grocery store. You never know when we will approach you in the cereal aisle!

There are many quality singles out there – but it's hard to find them in the crowd. You have to know who and what you are searching for and it takes assertiveness.  Even then, you can't be certain that the compatibility factors and core values are intact to endure the next twenty-plus years. Even online dating, which has grown in acceptance and usage, can be quite complicated.  Many online daters know that searching through profiles becomes a full-time job.  Yes, the business of love is challenging, like finding needles in a haystack.

To help build our matching blueprint, every one of my clients and members fills out a 15-page packet about themselves and what they are seeking in a match.  The process is eye-opening. People come into their face-to-face appointment saying, "This is what I want in a life partner," and sometimes throughout the experience, they've revised their perspective.  It is through this introspective approach that singles learn more about themselves and who would actually be the right fit.

Being forced to put what you want out of love, on paper, can be scary. It makes it real.  We make lists for groceries, birthday presents, places we want to visit. We build bucket lists for all the things we want out of life. But it's not natural to make a list of what we're looking for in another person.  When in fact that's the most important list you could ever make – and it could have the single most important impact on your life.  Yet we put the least amount of thought to paper, choosing to let our eyeballs oversee the selection process instead.  

And just like a company vision statement, this 15-page packet that I have my clients and members complete is often times a living, breathing document, not necessarily set in stone. It's an opportunity to revisit the questions, who they are, and who would best fit into their life-scape.  Suddenly dating and falling in love becomes an exciting, reflective journey – the way it was meant to be.