Blog: Diane Geiger TenHoopen

A filmmaker by training, web project manager/producer (and blogger)Diane Geiger TenHoopen worked for Detroit-based companies such as The Collective, and BrainGain Marketing. Diane wants you to consider your relationship with the metro Detroit area, and invites you to kindle/rekindle a more romantic approach.

Diane Geiger – Post 5: Courting Detroit

 Courtship and kindling romance run hand-in-hand.  Here are some (fairly standard) tips for fanning the flames:

  • Give compliments; be expressive regarding what you respect and admire about your partner
  • Spend the day together
  • Share a romantic meal
  • Do something different together
  • Reminisce about the days of your early courtship
  • Care for your partner, especially when they need some extra support
  • Perform a "random act of kindness"
  • Share your dreams for the future
  • Do a project together
  • Write love notes
  • Celebrate together (anniversaries, accomplishments and milestones)
  • Remember that “love” is a verb
We can incorporate these ideas in our ongoing courtship of Detroit.
Celebrating Detroit can include acknowledging and attending significant events (like the recent Book-Cadillac grand re-opening, as one example). 
We can get involved in projects and with organizations who are working to make our dreams for Detroit's future a reality.
On a recent romantic do-something-different venture of my own, I stole away to downtown Plymouth for a few wonderful hours spent exploring shops and cafes I’d never been to - amid the colorful autumn leaves.  
 Tomorrow:  Ambivalence kills romance