Blog: Derek Mehraban

National hoopla centers on Detroit this weekend, as it hosts the NCAA Final Four championship. Derek Mehraban, CEO of Ingenex Digital Marketing (and MSU basketball buff!) will be playing up the region's home court advantage, starting with how companies can adopt MSU's winning game plan.

Derek Mehraban - Post 3: MSU Wins! Detroit Wins!

Eminem did a nice intro before Michigan State squared off with UConn for a battle royale Final Four game on Saturday. A resident of Detroit, and one of our most successful musical talents, Eminem paid tribute to Detroit City. In one line he said "Detroit will not be defeated, because we never been defeated." He ended with "Look Up Detroit!" And though I thought he could have used:

A. Some of his music as a background track to the montage and
B. Some more positive footage of Detroit

I still enjoyed the sentiment and the video feature: Detroit will not be defeated!

How great is this city? Detroit is amazing. As I watched the Final Four happen in Detroit and heard the Michigan State Spartan fans rock the house and cheer their team on to victory, I couldn't help but smile at our great city. Think about all the amazing people, products, and ideas that have come out of Detroit City.

A list of Detroit greats - in no particular order:

1. Motown Music
2. Ford Motor Company
3. General Motors
4. Eminem
5. Kid Rock
6. Stevie Wonder
7. Michigan State University
8. Wayne State
9. Chrysler
10. Joe Louis
11. Detroit Red Wings
12. Detroit Tigers
13. Barry Sanders
14. Final Four 2009
15. Super Bowl XXL
16. Ryder Cup
17. Alice Cooper
18. Tim Allen
19 Madonna
20. Sam Raimi
21. Little Caesars
22. ePrize
23. Stevie Wonder
24. Tom Izzo
25. Compuware
26. Seldom Blues
27. Detroit Auto Show
28. Iggy Pop
29. Marvin Gaye
30. Ted Nugent
31. Diana Ross
32. Smokey Robinson
33. Bob Seger
34. The White Stripes
35. Joe Dumars
36. Kirk Gibson
37. Al Kaline
38. Mitch Albom
39. John U. Bacon
40. University of Michigan
41. Startup Weekend Detroit
42. Sanders Fudge
43: MSU New Media Drivers License


Add your list of great things coming out of Detroit in the comments. And please remember, if you're looking for a digital agency to grow your business, contact me or sign up for our newsletter at our business social networking site.