Blog: Paul Jenkins, Jr.

"If you think you can do it, or you think you can't do it, you are right." – Henry Ford

Poly-entrepreneur Paul Jenkins, Jr., has gadded about the world but the home state of Ford is his base. This week the restaurateur and owner of What Crepe? creperie writes on starving doubt.

Post 2: Starving Doubt

"My belief is stronger than your doubt" – Dwayne Wade

Now that you have adopted a new self-awareness, the next step is removing the doubt of who you can become.

Do you remember a time in school where the teacher asked a question and you think you know the correct answer, but you were too bashful to raise your hand? Then before you can get your hand back down to your side the girl next to you raises hers and matter-of-factly says the exact answer you were thinking. You were surely thinking and muttering to yourself, "I was going to say that!" We have all had moments like this.  Moments where if we had just pushed a little harder against our fear of being wrong, or even being right, where we could have added another notch to your win column.

Maybe you've been conditioned not to believe in yourself through a series of bad experiences, choices or negative surroundings. Perhaps you've never even discovered anything to truly believe in. I encourage you to awaken to your worth and the benefit you have to yourself and others! Whatever self-doubting beliefs you've been coveting for—ditch them. The only time you have is the moment you have right now. Spend it moving forward. Spend it believing.

I don't think the concept of branding has really hit Michigan with full force yet. We are knee-deep in the creative thinking aspect but the branding component still lacks because that involves ingraining your idea in the minds, vocabulary and spending habits of the masses. I've noticed that many are so consumed with the day-to-day that they forget to dream up the future. Many are also too consumed with watching and emulating other models instead of trusting or developing their own. Although the day-to-day operations share importance with building for the future, one must always include in the blueprint strategies for creating extensions of the brand in order to cover more ground.

The biggest obstacle standing in the way of anything you dream of is your idea that it cannot be. If you knew the full extent of your capabilities, you would never hesitate to move in boldness. Belief that something is achievable is the only springboard. If you allow it, doubt can take on a life of its own and because doubt's only responsibility is to delay and discourage, you will soon discover that the life you gave to doubt will be bigger than the life you could have given yourself. A small positive action reverses doubt. Make a can-do list. Hug your kids longer. Refuse negativity. Live intentionally. Forgive.

Imagine how much energy you would have to fuel your vision and dreams if you starve your doubt. Doubt your doubts and have confidence in your confidence. There is a you-sized void that the world is waiting to be filled. Let your challenges inspire you. Let the possibilities encourage you. Here is your day. Greet your days with a kiss and your doubt with a kick.


Paul Jenkins, Jr