Blog: Diane Geiger TenHoopen

A filmmaker by training, web project manager/producer (and blogger)Diane Geiger TenHoopen worked for Detroit-based companies such as The Collective, and BrainGain Marketing. Diane wants you to consider your relationship with the metro Detroit area, and invites you to kindle/rekindle a more romantic approach.

Diane Geiger – Post 6: "Ambivalence Can Ruin Your Life"

 (This is one of my favorite Jenny Holzer truisms.)
Ambivalence is uncomfortable. We often long for more passion and romance in our lives for exactly that reason: romantic passion is not ambivalent. It opens the door to possibilities, and is the energy that makes those possibilities a reality. 
Ambivalence, on the other hand, is undecided, and prevents progress.
I started out this week saying that our relationships matter; that romance can be a powerful force in all our relationships, including our relationship with our cities/regions.
My hope is that I’ve inspired you this week to consider how romance (and a romantic approach) can be used to transform our cities and regions.  And that you’ll consider the possibility of kindling (or rekindling) your romantic relationship with Detroit.