Blog: Jane Sydlowski

Jane Sydlowski is the President of AMI Strategies --recognized by Deloitte in 2003 as a "Fast 500 public and private technology company." Jane lectures students in Wayne State University's entrepreneurial program and serves on the Michigan Council of Women in Technology and Greenpath, Inc.

Jane writes about Michigan's need for a "Entrepreneurial Experience Engine."

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Michigan – a new beginning,
“The Entrepreneurial State” 

Let me give you my background: I have lived in Michigan my entire life; raised in Muskegon, migrated to East Lansing and now live in Plymouth. I serve on several Boards, one of which is Board of Visitors for Wayne State’s business school. I even received a beautiful "Distinguished Alumni" award from the School of Engineering at Michigan State University.

But who am I really? I am an "Entrepreneur."  

Yes, when you admit to this, it's very similar to admitting that you are an alcoholic (or any other addiction).  

Why? Because entrepreneurs are addicted to their profession. They take charge of their own life, their destiny. They are a little weird and march to their own beat. They are personally accountable to themselves, their own performance, their own happiness, and their own livelihood. The buck stops with the person looking back at them in the mirror. And, as if that personal accountability weren’t enough, they are also completely responsible for the livelihood of others; which - for many of us - is an even greater joy than taking care of yourself.  

How do we create a Michigan population of Entrepreneurs? This question makes me smile just thinking of it. We often boast that we live in the Midwest to experience "Midwest culture."


Well, it's time to change Michigan’s culture. The Michigan population needs an awakening. Jennifer Granholm and her husband Dan are terrific at culture reform. They brought the "Cool Cities" initiative to Michigan. But they need to put that same effort into starting the Entrepreneurial Experience Engine! Change starts at the top.

This Engine should be filled with unique entrepreneurial programs; pardon the pun. Workshops, awards, parties…. the Entrepreneurial Experience Engine should be as existent as cars on the road! You need to see it everywhere.
Take your new keys and start your life!  

Why do we care about this? Michigan’s future!