Blog: Jeff Newsom

Paper and plastic bags, be gone! Plastic grocery sacks, now banned everywhere from China to South Africa to San Francisco, make eco-blogger Jeff Newsom's tank top shirt bags a viable choice. Proceeds from these fashion-cum-function totes support A-ShirtBag, his environmental education non-profit. This week, Jeff waxes eloquent on what it takes to start a non-profit in Detroit...

Jeff Newsom - Post 4: Getting your Organization Out in the Public Eye

Can meeting the right people help your organization? HELL YEAH!  It sounds crazy, but networking and cold calling really work. If you have a great cause with a plan of action, people will listen. That's how A-ShirtBag met the team from Publicity Works PR firm and found its office space in the city of Detroit.

Matt Naimi is the founder of Recy-clean, Detroit's most important recycling facility and partner in Michigan Green safe products. This eco-warrior, who has been spreading the word about recycling and sustainable living for over 10 years, received a cold call from me asking for a meeting. Surprised that he accepted, I met with Matt and his staff and explained what I wanted to do and asked for advice. Matt is brilliant and I'm so glad he met with me that day. He offered space in his building and advice about recycling that was so important to A-ShirtBag's Educational Program and services.

Next was a cold call to a beautiful woman I read about in a local magazine while waiting in the doctor's office. Lisa Maas and her Publicity Works PR firm were featured in a magazine I was casually flipping thorough while waiting for a dreaded flu shot. Right after receiving medical attention, I called her office and asked for a meeting, and again was blown away by her wonderful outlook and PR savvy over the phone. Who does that these days? Publicity Works PR does. She agreed to meet with me and then offered her services pro-bono to A-ShirtBag because she believed in our cause. Without brilliant people like Matt and Lisa that care about causes and their community, A-ShirtBag could have never survived in this economy.

Don't forget, people will help out if you ask. You will get rejected by tons of people not interested in what you have to say, but many more will be ready to listen and help. JUST ASK.