Blog: Matt Clayson and Rose Giffen

He said, she said. This week's guest bloggers are Matt Clayson and Rose Giffen. Matt works as a Promotion Manager with ePrize, serves the Chair of Leadership Next and is active on Detroit Renaissance's "Road to Renaissance" initiative. Rose is the Director of Fund Development for the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity & Inclusion. She also serves as Vice-Chair of Leadership Next. Rose and Matt will be writing about developing strong leadership in SE Michigan and engaging new talent.

Post No. 1


Matt:  Well, when one titles a blog with a trite and over-used music quote, it has to be good.  But, with all the good, bad and the ugly – another quote, from albeit a better movie – happening in Southeast Michigan, who can help from feeling dazed and confused about our current direction and, more importantly, our future.

Rose: Wow – that was cheesy, but pretty true.  It's pretty clear – as a region, we're confused.  Who should we look to as leaders, what policies are good for our future, what is the role of the city in the new economy, what is the role of the suburbs?  And as a generation of new leaders, how do we become engaged and a meaningful part of any solution tackling the issues affecting our region. 

Matt: So, as you see, this blog will be a little different.  In an effort to spur meaningful and action oriented dialogue, Rose and I will be taking a point counter point perspective on issues and needs central to Generation X, Generation Y and Millennials; and different initiatives led by Generation X, Y and Millennials focused on addressing those issues.

Rose: Matt and I have worked together in various capacities on multiple projects.  Most recently, we have been working to co-create the Leadership Next initiative with the United Way for Southeast Michigan.  Though our backgrounds and experiences are different, we share a common desire for the civic, economic and social advancement of the region.  

Matt: We desire a region that is confident in its future; a region that learns from and respects its past; and a region that is strategic about its growth and distribution of resources.

Rose: Matt – I think you missed something big – we want a region that is inclusive.  A region that seeks solutions from many and that knows how to engage and leverage its diverse populations.  I strongly believe that once you give people an opportunity to impact their community they will stay.  

Matt:  So, let's get down to the nitty gritty.  In our next posts, we hope to talk about the following: (1) what do we believe is the problem that can be most easily addressed to attract and retain talent; (2) what Generation X, Generation Y and Millennials can do to address this problem; (3) what corporate, civic and political stakeholders can do to support Generation X, Generation Y and Millennials in addressing this problem; and (4) what is our ideal region?

More tomorrow...