Blog: Mark Adler

Mark Adler is the president of VAIdigital LLC, a video support company for the film industry. Mark also manages the Michigan Production Alliance, a trade organization whose mission is to create a more stable financial environment for Michigan's production community. From local projects to Hollywood films, he will be writing about Metro Detroit's emerging opportunities and challenges.

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Visual cues: Shadows of people and buildings, various angles thrown onto other buildings, roads, water, jack hammers, cops, directing traffic, Music, Sports, drive ins… Visuals flash as we hear…….

Voice Over: Male, booming, low, powerful:

"We came from the great world and settled here, we built the skyline, the roads, enhanced the shoreline. Detroiters are hardy, We have what some call that 'midwestern work ethic', yes. We are innovative explorers, always have been always will be – Detroit No Excuses."

We are a window to the world, a car capital, where music is made, a film location, a healthcare mecca, a place for people to gather for sports or history.

Detroit, no excuses.

I’m Mark Adler, Director of the Michigan Production Alliance, striving to be the voice of the video and film production community.

Detroit, we also make films here as we have since before World War Two. You might not know that a vast and diverse film production industry was spawned by the automotive industry right here. Whenever FORD or GM wanted to update information on a model or sell a model, they went to Jam Handy Productions and found workers and facilities ready to roll. Eventually, that work spun off, throughout Michigan creating other production companies and support facilities.

Over the years this industry has been a virtual roller coaster mirroring its automotive parent’s fate. We had some great years, but began a slow burn that has sent our college graduates and creative minds to richer turf. 

Flashing forward to this year, April 2008. Governor Granholm signed legislation that puts Michigan in the nation’s spotlight and is about to change the landscape for local crew members and enrich businesses associated with this vibrant, clean industry.

Over the next few days we’ll talk about that. Stay tuned.