Blog: Lou Glazer

Here's Post No. 4 from Lou Glazer, the president of Ann Arbor-based Michigan Future Inc., a think-tank that is a resource of ideas for how Michigan can and should reshape its economy. Check back daily for more of Glazer's thoughts.

Post No. 1

How to revive our economy is Topic A. When you look at the places across the country with the strongest economies the answer is clear: talent!

What most distinguishes economically successful areas from Michigan is their concentrations of talent, with talent defined as a combination of knowledge, creativity and entrepreneurship. Quite simply, in a knowledge-driven and entrepreneurial economy, the places with the greatest concentrations of talent win.

If you want to grow a high prosperity economy here, the priority is to prepare, retain and attract talent. Nothing else is close.

As we assess the assets Michigan has to concentrate talent, our higher education system rises to the top of the list. That is particularly true of our major research universities. So the most important thing business, civic and political leadership can do for the future economic success of Michigan and its regions is to ensure the long-term success of a vibrant and agile higher education system.