Blog: Jenna Przybycien & Stephanie Lucido

It'll be a transportation field day when you can check out a bike in Detroit as easily as you can a book from the library. Detroit Bike Sharing co-founders Stephanie Lucido and Jenna Przybycien share their plans for how the Motor City can be a cycle city.

Stephanie Lucido: Laying the Roadwork for Bike Sharing in Detroit

Biking has never been more popular in Detroit than it is now. With events like Critical Mass and tour de troit, Detroiters are embracing this calorie-burning and eco-friendly way to get around. Even the city of Detroit is getting on board. The city is currently working to put in 16 new miles of bike lanes, known as Greenlinks, to connect Detroit to its surrounding neighborhoods. With this movement at full speed, Detroit Bike Sharing is jumping right in to offer the cyclists who may not have the extra $600-$700 to buy a bike a more affordable option.

Bike sharing is a public transportation alternative that provides a flexible method for completing short trips – great for a spread-out city like Detroit. The system has a network of docking stations where users can check out bikes at their leisure, with a swipe of a credit/debit or membership card. Bikes can be picked up and returned at any of the different locations. Members and nonmembers can use and return bikes by purchasing day passes or annual memberships. Our plan is to sprinkle these stations throughout Detroit and eventually expand into Ferndale and Royal Oak. Detroit's residents are already avid cyclists –  and many biking organizations and businesses have already found their success in Detroit.

Back Alley Bikes is one of these great organizations that empower the community and its youth. Anyone can come in and earn a bike or learn to repair the one they already have. They also have opened up a retail store called The Hub of Detroit, to be a continual source of empowerment to sustain their mission. We think Detroit Bike Sharing is the next natural step for the Detroit biking community for numerous reasons.

It's an extremely affordable option for people who need to use public transportation. At only $60 a year you can ride as much as you want, whenever you want. We know an affordable dependable transit system is one thing Detroit desperately needs.

There has been a large green movement within Detroit, from the pop-up urban gardens to the automotive industry's push for more environmentally friendly vehicles. More and more we are realizing that going green isn't just a trend.

Detroit's size is ideal for a bike sharing system. Many of the populated, visited and essential locations in Detroit are too spread out for walking, and parking can be inconvenient.

We want our bikes to be made and repaired in Detroit to keep our business local. We also view Detroit Bike Sharing as a great opportunity for local businesses. It would be great for them to sponsor stations on their property to be a preferred destination for users and accessible for bike-riding employees. Having an inexpensive, easy, healthy and dependable way for people to get around the city would be great for the people working, living and going to school here. We want to see Detroit grow into the potential we know it has and bring the joy and convenience of biking to its streets.