Blog: Tim Martz

If Clear Channel Radio had had its druthers, Detroit's 104.7 The Oasis smooth jazz channel would've been static buzz. This week radio broadcaster and station owner Tim Martz talks guerrilla radio strategy and on how Detroiters effected 104.7's reversal of misfortune.

Post 3: David vs. Goliath – Saving The Oasis

It was May 19, 2011, the day Detroit battled over the new smooth jazz station 104.7 The Oasis and showed the radio industry just how important the listeners are.

Texas-based multi-national corporation, Clear Channel Radio, filed a complaint and aimed to shut down Martz Communication Group's newest station addition and silence 104.7 The Oasis. Clear Channel's lawyers filed a Complaint with the Federal Consumers Complaints (FCC) demanding that the FCC order the station off the air due to 104.7 The Oasis interfering with the reception of one of its Toledo, Ohio radio stations – not in Ohio – but in parts of the Metro Detroit area. The Oasis listeners were outraged and took action.

Long a favorite with Detroiters, the smooth jazz format disappeared from the radio dial previously in 2009 when another mega media corporation (New York-based CBS) switched V98.7 to Top 40. The smooth jazz format was revived in April when we signed on The Oasis.

As soon as we received the complaint we went to work establishing a grass roots effort through a special Save The Oasis website as well as social and traditional media campaigns. We received an outpouring of support, we called on fans to react and asked for their help with petitions and letters to the Mayor, congressmen, representatives, any one who would listen.

Fortunately we were able to come to an agreement with Clear Channel and solve the issue amicably, but I don't think that would have happened if the listeners hadn't gotten involved. We were able to keep 104.7 The Oasis on the air - it just goes to show you can't take smooth jazz from Detroit.