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Mike is president and CEO of Ann Arbor SPARK. A passionate advocate for the transformation of Michigan's high-tech economy he also managed the MEDC’s $1 billion Michigan Life Sciences Corridor initiative between 2000 and 2002. Mike will be wriing about who's making a difference in the Michigan and why.

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I caught you doing something right 

Several months ago economic development leaders from the City of Detroit and Oakland, Macomb and Washtenaw Counties formed the Economic Development Coalition of South East Michigan (EDCSEM). 

…This week the group released a report summarizing business attraction and expansion successes throughout SE Michigan. The results below are positive given the statewide challenges we have experienced including the downsizing in manufacturing and other sectors.    

Totals:  Projects Retained Jobs  New Jobs  Investment ($) 

          65       4835        3682   $2.27 Billion 

Most important, the group is committed to collaboration on this and other initiatives that drive economic success for SE Michigan. The report also provides direction to job seekers, not-for-profit organizations, and business development managers looking for new opportunities. 

I caught you doing something right.

Here are a few comments received from others who joined in this week – catching others doing something right…

Hi Michael,

Last weekend, over 100 people showed up on a Saturday at Washtenaw Community College for the first ever ArbCamp, a low-cost ($15) one day event that brought together members of the Ann Arbor community to talk about social networking and social media. The event was amazing. It was organized as an Open Spaces event, which means that the participants themselves determined the agenda, onsite, as the first task of the day.8 concurrent sessions were conducted, where the participants worked out issues together and brainstormed ideas. There was an incredible amount of energy and relationships were built that I suspect will be longstanding within our community. At the wrap-up session, people described the event as one of the most useful educational opportunities that they had ever attended, and marveled at how much they had learned. 

In your "caught you doing something right column", I hope that you will choose to recognize the organizers of ArbCamp, for their volunteer efforts in putting together this amazing event, and for the many that they will undoubtedly organize in the future. 

For more information about ArbCamp, click here. And several blogs, including mine:

I thought you would like to know!


Hi Mike -

Love your "caught you doing something right" blog. May I suggest someone else to consider? The local Usability Professionals Chapter, which was recently named, the "best chapter in the world."

They are helping make southeast Michigan a great place for user experience professionals to flourish. They are working with related professional organizations to provide quality educational and networking opportunities. 


PS And I am even from Ohio and I still think they are doing something right!! 

Thanks Dianne and Keith for participating in this BLOG - I caught you doing something right! 

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