Blog: Kerrie Schneider

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match! Kerrie Schneider, owner of Bella Introductions, writes on the business of love and on how new demographics impact lovin' in Detroit.

Truth in Matchmaking

Those of us who start a business recognize that there are rarely new ideas, and there is always competition.  But what all entrepreneurs have in common is a belief that the way they do their type of business is unique enough to succeed.

I created Bella Introductions knowing full well I was up against a lot of skepticism about the art of matchmaking and the "type" of singles that use a matchmaking service – and so I set out to prove those skeptics wrong.

There is often a fallacy that singles sign on to use a matchmaker as their LAST HOPE, an act of desperation. It's embarrassing. Hiring a matchmaker to find your true love screams to everyone that you just can't do it on your own, so something must be very wrong with you.  

But the truth is, matchmaking used to be the only way people met. Think Fiddler on the Roof. In many countries today, matchmaking is still the only way people meet their future spouse, and those countries have the lowest divorce rates.  So only if you have a thing against meeting the right person and living happily ever after should you ever overlook matchmaking as a valuable dating option.

In the United States, though, we are consumed by popular culture representations of the whirlwind of love. Movies direct us to think we can find this amazing, divorce-proof connection just by walking down the street. I have known very few people to whom this actually happens.

In a lot of divorce situations, you hear, "We just grew apart." Often times, people get married to the person they find sexually irresistible – and without having a conversation about long-term goals, core values, and shared dreams.  

True love and instant gratification are rarely compatible. When the sexual chemistry begins to fade, and it always will to some extent, you better have more in common.  Anything good takes time and is worth waiting for. Matchmaking services require patience, realism and a complete openness to the process – which includes receiving feedback and being introspective.  This is how you find true love and a meaningful connection.