Blog: Scott Paul Dunham

Creative class charter member Scott Paul Dunham has brought a whole palette of arts programs to fruition, and he knows how to throw a good party. As the founding partner of The Creative Energy Alliance, Scott will be giving us the dish on next week's Detroit Windsor International Film Festival.

Scott Paul Dunham - Post 1: A Film Fete

The stage is set. The lights are focused.  The show is about to begin…

Final preparations for the Second Annual Detroit Windsor International Film Festival continue, as we count down to the DWIFF, taking place on June 25-28, in locales throughout Midtown – at Wayne State, the College for Creative Studies, the Detroit Public Library and the University of Windsor.  I'll start off with a plug to please come down and enjoy all of our hard work.  It's a great weekend of film, friends and fun.

Friends of mine have suggested I write a book describing my experiences, to help others build their own successful film festivals. Apparently there isn't such a book on the market.  And that surprises me.

There are so many great film festivals around the world – including right here in Detroit.  And you know, almost every single one of them seems to work!  They provide a fun and entertaining event for people to attend.  Filmmakers get to show their stuff, and it seems to be a win-win for almost everyone involved.  If all of the festivals are a success, then it must be easy, right?  Who needs a book if it's a no-brainer?

Well, I know from experience, it's just not that easy – or simple.  As my six year old says, "It's H-A-R-D!"

Putting on a successful Film Festival like the DWIFF requires the resources, determination and guts of a whole army of dedicated people.  So it would be presumptuous for a single author to write the book that claims to give a comprehensive lesson on putting a festival together.

If a book is to be written, it has to include all of the experiences, anecdotes and lessons that were experienced by the hardworking, passionate people who give their time and creative energy to pull off an event like the DWIFF!

If I'm to contemplate writing a book, why not go all the way (and stretch the metaphor) by turning the book into a MOVIE!  After all, putting together a film festival is a lot like making a movie.  You have writers, directors, producers, actors, crew, caterers and a long credit roll of volunteers, sponsors and fans who make it all work.  So, the Second Annual DWIFF is like a sequel.  We've brought back many of the old faces – and have added a whole new cast of characters.  

And just like all of the crews and actors working on film projects around town today, our crew at the DWIFF has prepared for you to come down and watch our production!  We hope you enjoy the show.

Coming Soon: A Behind-the-Scenes View