Blog: Tracy Koe Wick

Post No. 4

The availability of Live/Work space in Detroit’s suburbs encourages the proliferation of new business ventures and it strengthens the surrounding neighborhoods. When cottage industry, boutique retail, and professional service ventures are clustered together in a cohesive retail block (as at or, a destination is created. Scattered, these small businesses would not have the same marketing presence, impact, or pull. 

Live/work storefronts in new projects can spark the redevelopment and recycling of nearby old industrial and warehouse buildings or appropriately zoned vintage homes. When this begins, the neighborhood becomes alive again, with service providers and retailers interacting and transacting with residents.

In Royal Oak, Metro Lofts on East Harrison Street is the catalyst of the newly created Warehouse District.  At the completion of the second phase of Metro Lofts, more than 100 residents will reside at the project. Denali Development’s goal for the project is to attract destination retail, such as a brew pub or fitness center to bring more activity to their site. They also plan on incorporating live/work units in their third phase to create an eclectic and artistic mix of shops and services.

In short, you will soon be able to visit a new shopping district in Royal Oak’s Warehouse District.