Blog: Christianne Sims

Fusion, a networking and leadership group for young Detroit professionals, has a spot at the table at the upcoming Mackinac Policy Conference. Its director, Christianne Sims, will be discussing the group's goals for this important gathering of the state's business, civic, and political leaders.

Post 2: Fusion Fits Into the Mackinac Policy Conference

The state’s most prominent policy conference kicks off in less than two weeks.  The Mackinac Policy Conference has been taking place for over thirty years and draws over 1,300 of the top business, civic, and political leaders to Mackinac Island.  For the third year in a row, Fusion will have a presence at the annual event. Fifty members will participate in a unique "track" that will match them with Leadership Detroit alumni for an enhanced relationship building experience.
In 2008, when Fusion and its contingent of Gen Now attendees collectively attended the conference, it was a two-day event that began on the last day of the conference and included a special session on Saturday. Being that it was the first year and a special track for Gen Now to participate through a discounted, all inclusive package, we knew that we would need to take a gradual integration so not to offend experienced conference attendees. For 2009, the track expanded by one day. It began on Thursday and also included a Saturday morning session.
This year, Fusion is fully integrated into the conference. Attendees will participate Wednesday through Friday, just like the rest of the participants. We went from baby steps to experienced walkers in a matter of a few years.
Fusion's presence has been energizing at this traditional gathering. Just as technology has been changing the production and reach of this island excursion, Fusion has brought a new level of accountability to the words and promises made in sessions and on the Grand Hotel porch. Because we have no personal history, good or bad, with many of the challenges or relationships other attendees have gone through, we are not afraid to ask the tough questions. This is appreciated by panelists and the audience alike.
This year, we look to continue to build up the progress we have made and expand our relationships with key decision makers. This is the one event that all the "movers and shakers" attend. They're available for a quick conversation over a cocktail or between sessions.
There are only a few spots (and I mean few) left for members to participate in this year’s Fusion experience.  Find more information about the Mackinac Policy Conference here.