Blog: Clare Pfeiffer Ramsey

Model D managing editor Clare Pfeiffer Ramsey reports in this week from the publication's  Motor City headquarters on why Metro Detroit needs to rethink their relationship with the city and why summer is the perfect time to do it. She'll be giving metromode readers the skinny on what Detroit has to offer the region that you simply can't find anywhere else.

Post No. 3

On Saturday, Eastern Market was jam packed. Wall-to-wall people, most toting wagons loaded with flowers. (Note, if you can wait a couple weeks, those $8 flats will be less than $6.)

The market itself is an experience, but if you haven't seen the Shed 2 remodel you should drop in. It keeps the feel of the old shed but it's just ... nicer. Kudos to the nonprofit Eastern Market Corp. for their efforts -- it's paid off.

While there, a couple of out-of-towners asked for a breakfast place recommendation. There's no shortage: Russell Street Deli, of course, is a classic, but can get crowded. The greasy spoon yumminess of Farmer's Market is big, cheap and tasty. Butchers Inn, however, might be my current top pick. Slightly off the beaten path on Winder, it's got atmosphere and great food. My mom always gets the French Toast in Grand Marnier Batter. Everything on the menu is fresh and awesome — Avalon Bread, Michigan maple syrup ... Hmmm ... maybe we've got a Model D story there -- Eastern Market Eats. Stay tuned, readers!

Of course, my favorite breakfast at the market is always: Buy an apple. Eat it. And who hasn't made a morning meal out of the free samples? C'mon, you know you do it.