Blog: Derek Mehraban

National hoopla centers on Detroit this weekend, as it hosts the NCAA Final Four championship. Derek Mehraban, CEO of Ingenex Digital Marketing (and MSU basketball buff!) will be playing up the region's home court advantage, starting with how companies can adopt MSU's winning game plan.

Derek Mehraban - Post 1: MSU Spartan Stimulus Package for Detroit, Michigan

This is the time of year when Wolverine and Spartan fans can all get along -- sort of like that commercial we keep seeing with the people from different schools all getting along because the hotel provides such good service. That hotel is now going to be the Marriott at the Ren Cen. Or the Courtyard by Marriott, or the Ponchartrain Hotel, because the NCAA Final Four is here in Detroit - right now.

On the weekend of April 4, 2009, over 100,000 people will pour into downtown Detroit and millions will watch our city on TV. The game is expected to draw the largest crowd ever for a Final Four, with 70,000 on hand at Ford Field. Those who don't get into the game will fill the bars and restaurants to watch this game and celebrate the Greatest Sports City in the World - Detroit!

In case you don't know me, I'm a Spartan grad, and I teach the New Media Drivers License at MSU. I also grew up in Farmington Hills, and my dad worked at Ford Motor Company for 30+ years. I am rooting for Michigan State and the state of Michigan to win! And we will.

Michigan State basketball sets an example for what hard work, great coaching, a smart game plan, and pure heart can do for any team. Here's how your company can learn from the Michigan State Spartans:

1. Recruit - There is some incredible talent available in southeast Michigan right now. Frankly, I have never seen so much talent available. I want you to go out and recruit some of these wonderful people. Build your team strategically, and believe it will work. We all need to have some faith to make this turnaround. Start hiring!

2. Create a winning game plan - Look at everything you have to work with, and create a plan to win. Detroit and southeast Michigan companies have always been leaders in Innovation. Now is the time to dig in and create a plan to grow your company, outlast this recession, and build for the future. Organizations like Ann Arbor Spark, Wayne State's Tech Town, and Automation Alley are good resources to help you.

3. Be the future - It's time to embrace the new way to do business. Ford Motor Company plucked a CEO from Boeing --an aviation company-- and he has been an inspiring leader with a fresh perspective on how to run a car company.

Ford also hired a social media guru in Scott Monty. He is helping to shape popular opinion about Ford by interacting with everyone on the web. Your company needs to embrace the future and use Digital Tools to expand your reach, and to join the conversation around your brand.

I hope you enjoy the games this weekend. I know I will. Whether watching at home with my family, or attending in person, it's going to be a blast. BTW, anyone have two extra tickets to the Final Four? GO STATE!