Blog: Travis Millward

From Utah to Motown, Travis Millward bucked tradition and decided to 'Go MidWest'. The founder of Patriot Properties Group, he purchases and rehabs vacant Detroit-area homes. Travis will be writing about the foreclosure epidemic, entrepreneurship in a down economy, and Detroit’s real estate investing market.

Travis Millward - Post 2: Observations of Detroit from a relocated out-of-stater

I will have to admit that moving to Detroit from Southern Utah has definitely been a change. But I wanted to take the time to share with you what I have observed.

If you look up the word 'flat' in my dictionary the definition is Detroit. To me, Detroit is the epitome of flat. I’m used to mountains or at least some hills for that matter, but there is none of that here.

Detroit’s rain and thunder storms are very intense and entertaining.

The trees here are incredibly large and very green. Out west developments are so new that at times there is no vegetation whatsoever. Detroit, being one of the oldest cities in America, has been blessed with an incredible forest of trees.

The black squirrel – I have never heard of, let alone witnessed a black squirrel before until I moved to Detroit. And fireflies are by far the coolest thing I have experienced here – well almost. 

I love Detroit real estate, the houses, buildings & skyscrapers. There is so much character and history engrained in every brick of Detroit. Speaking of which – brick…I have never seen so many cool brick houses. The Guardian building is by far my favorite. I was told it is the highest brick building in the country, perhaps the world?

Boston Edison, what an incredible historic district. I can’t even imagine all of the incredible minds that walked the floors of those homes in Boston Edison.

I really enjoy the fact that corporate chains are not that abundant here. I love that there so many original, small mom & pop restaurants to dine at.

The riverfront is very cool.

The 'Michigan left', on the other hand, is by far the most bizarre piece of engineering I have ever experienced – I still don’t get it. And why can’t you turn right on red? 

Onto the people… this may surprise you, but I have been so warmly welcomed here by Detroiters that I am more than impressed. For some reason the people of Detroit take the time to engage in conversation and be real with you. This is something that I will always enjoy and relish as I live in Detroit. My neighbors are very friendly. My favorite observation is how people pronounce their vowels here…like house – it’s very amusing to me. 

Something that I have never heard of is cider and donuts. My family and I are so excited to go to our first Cider Mill ever and participate in the highly recommended Detroit tradition – apple cider and donuts.

After moving here I have been inspired to get back into an old hobby of mine, photography. I feel moved and touched by some of the incredible images Detroit has to offer. 

Lastly, I wanted to thank you Detroit for such a warm welcome. I look forward to enjoying what the rest of Detroit has to offer and giving back in every way possible to continue to make Detroit a better place. There is so much going for Detroit – let’s keep it that way.