Blog: Melinda Clynes

Darling, there's no such thing as a bad hair day! Freelance writer and marketing/PR consultant Melinda Clynes wants you to let it all down at the Detroit Wig Out, a one-night bonanza of bands, burlesque and, well, hairpieces. If you can't be there to tip your toupee, at least read up on it this week.

Melinda Clynes - Post 2: Build Your Portrait Collection

If you haven't done so already, it's high time you race to your nearest Detroit Wig Out trading card outlet and collect your free 2009 limited edition, one-of-a-kind, curio cards. Act now. Don't delay. This unprecedented offer will not last. All cards will be cleared off the shelf on Monday, and stored away in the annals of Detroit Wig Out history. I repeat: act now!

The trading cards are available in Ferndale at the Pinwheel Bakery and Flip Salon; in Royal Oak at Bean & Leaf; in Detroit at People's Records and the Majestic Café; in Hamtramck at Design 99; and in Ypsilanti at Beezy's Café.

Bravo to the owners of these fine establishments who agreed to promote the Detroit Wig Out in their shops, bakeries, studios and restaurants, because:

1) they are cool people
2) they believe in promoting good things happening in Metro Detroit, and...
3) they may gain some new customers who might not have otherwise visited their business unless they came looking for the trading cards.

In support of these groovy, community-minded businesses, go forth and collect your cards. While you're there, buy a cookie, grab a tote bag, t-shirt or old LP, or just enjoy a cup of coffee. You'll find business locations and hours at our website.

The trading cards feature the wig-wearing photographs of six people who will be entertaining us at the Detroit Wig Out this Saturday, June 6. The sassy portraits are courtesy of long-time Detroit photographer Bruce Giffin. On the reverse side are Wig Star Stats describing each guy and gal's connection to wigs and/or the Detroit Wig Out. All six cards are available at no cost at each of the seven Detroit Wig Out trading card outlets. Here's who is featured…

  • Black Jake, leader of Detroit Wig Out headliner Black Jake and the Carnies, a raucous, six-piece band bringing their contagious punk-bluegrass sound to wig-wearing revelers.

  • Lisa Legion and Lily Lollipop (two separate cards) of SPAG Burlesque, a troupe that will perform two acts of traditional burlesque, with a few specially choreographed Detroit Wig Out routines.

  • Dale Beavers, who will partner up with Bootsey X at the Detroit Wig Out to stomp out their raw, stripped down music.

  • Marcie Bolen of Silverghost, who will kick off the night's entertainment with her duo's fuzz-pop melodies.

  • And, DJ Adam Stanfel, who will share his amazing collection of Detroit-bred, vintage 45s between bands and burlesque.

All of the entertainers look mighty fine in their Detroit Wig Out portraits. So remember: Act now. Don't delay.