Blog: Deborah Groban Olson

Attorney Deborah Groban Olson will discuss efforts to combine local talent with intellectual property resources to create green businesses. Deborah is the executive director of Detroit's Center for Community-Based Enterprise, whose goal is to turn the city into a national model for locally-owned sustainable businesses. She also enjoys making maple syrup.

Deborah Groban Olson - Post 3: Catalyzing Product Diversification for Auto Suppliers

The Center for Community Based Enterprise (C2BE) has a diverse group of talented advisors who seek to support and create locally rooted businesses. That includes helping auto suppliers who are committed to remaining in southeast Michigan to diversify their products.

Several of the C2BE advisors are forming a new company, Ingenuity US (IUS), that has access to a variety of sources of intellectual property in Michigan and Hawaii, an intellectual property licensing professional, a person experienced in product development, and expertise in employee ownership and divergent thinking processes.

IUS seeks opportunities to provide hands-on, entrepreneurial assistance to local manufacturing businesses that are interested in diversifying their products and remaining in southeast Michigan.

For more information contact Deborah Groban Olson at or 313-331-7821.