Blog: Katherine Austin

The principles of yoga shouldn't just be left for the 6 p.m. class; they should be followed throughout the business day, according to the teachings of Katherine Austin, founder of Karma Yoga. This week she opines on why and how businesses can answer a calling higher than egoism and the profit motive.

The Secret to Business Growth: Constant Creativity and a Commitment to Evolve

Business growth comes from integrity. If you walk the walk, your business will too.

What I mean by that is we have to be well-rounded enough to take care of ourselves and our employees if we want our businesses to thrive.

Our souls are being guided into this new business era. There are meditations for alleviating stress, anxiety and depression and we all must enter into a daily practice of something bigger than trudging to work and trudging home, crossing things off to-do lists that never seem to disappear.

The past business model that was most prevalent in this country was very stress-producing. It was not a picture where employee health and wellness, and well-balanced lifestyle, were encouraged. It was get-the-job-done-and-go-home.

In Europe, it's completely different. New hires start with six weeks of vacation time every year and it grows from there. Some countries give new mothers a year of maternity leave.

Some U.S. companies  are paving the way to a new reality and their businesses are profiting from it. Oprah, for instance, paid for all of her employees to be trained in transcendental meditation. She pays $1,000 per employee per year for health and fitness. (One of her employees practices at my studio!)

Even Compuware put in a gym downtown; I used to teach yoga there for employees to take better care of themselves. Americans will have so much more creativity, better attendance and thus better overall financial gains, when every member of a team is respected, taken care of and supported.

There's nothing worse than an angry resentful employee who's sick and tired all the time. A business is a reflection of its owner.

Where are we headed with business in this country? The first step is one of deepening your own awareness, self-development and connection. Then the business will blossom.

Also, we each need to listen to our callings. We are all here to share our gifts and talents. After years of working with adults, I realized I had a bigger mission: to help heal whole families. This summer, Karma Yoga is launching prenatal yoga, parent-child yoga, family yoga – because I believe I'm being called to help in this way.

Continuing on my own creative path and being guided by inspiration helps my business to thrive.

It just keeps coming to me that if you learn to treat yourself with respect and dignity and love, then you'll do that with everyone around you and your business will show it.

Drop the manipulation and the fear. Embrace the sense that there is enough to go around and there always will be. And, the more you continue to shine and grow and evolve and study and learn and expand yourself, you'll inspire others to do the same. And your business will grow from it, too.

I encourage my staff to travel so they can grow, study and expand what they do. They bring it back and our business grows as a result.

Your world is always a reflection of who you are. We create our own reality. If we're out of control or chaotic, it reflects in your world. Your world is a mirror, a reflection of who you are. The business is the reflection of the person at the top. If you're greedy and demanding and aggressive, that is going to be your business.

You will attract into your world a mirror of what you're putting out. If you believe that.

I believe that. I believe everything is energy, and I believe this is the only path toward business success.