Blog: Scott Dunham

Scott Dunham is the festival manager for next week's Detroit Windsor International Film Festival (DWIFF). A relentless networker, Scott has made it his mission to faciltate creative opportunities for Metro Detroit's film community. He will be writing about building a vibrant film community, the virtues of Michigan's incentive package and, of course, the film fesitval he helms.

Post No. 1: Film As A Metaphor

Film as a metaphor. Think about it. I think of film as the perfect metaphor for "community building".

When you go to the movies, do you watch the credits all the way through at the end? My wife and I do. Every time. It's our way of paying respect to those who worked so hard to make that film a reality. 

After most people have left the theatre and the young theatre employees sweep up the popcorn and candy wrappers, our two boys dance to the soundtrack as Meg and I watch the hundreds- sometimes thousands of names float up across the screen, marking their contributions. I am always fascinated at the sheer volume of unique job titles, skills, backgrounds and capabilities that it takes to bring a film to the screen.

I've been invited to share a blog here on metromode as we wrap up a year of planning and get ready to introduce the first Detroit Windsor International Film Festival (DWIFF). I'll talk a bit about the festival and maybe share some other interesting thoughts and ideas on related topics.

It occurs to me that creating a film festival is no less daunting than directing or producing a feature film. As Festival Manager of the DWIFF, I hope you'll come downtown and enjoy the activities, film screenings and parties. Then, take the time to envision a long credit roll of talented, creative and enthusiastic people who volunteered their time to make the DWIFF a success. That credit roll is your creative community. 

(end of scene)