Blog: Scott Dunham

Scott Dunham is the festival manager for next week's Detroit Windsor International Film Festival (DWIFF). A relentless networker, Scott has made it his mission to faciltate creative opportunities for Metro Detroit's film community. He will be writing about building a vibrant film community, the virtues of Michigan's incentive package and, of course, the film fesitval he helms.

Post No. 2: DWIFF

The Detroit Windsor International Film Festival is here! After 14 months of working on the various components and working with so many dedicated volunteers, we reach that interesting crossroads of joy and panic, of fear and confidence- when it all comes together.

Now, I have been trained for this. After 16 years as a director of live theatre, I've learned to plan, block, design, cast, rehearse, tweak (recast) and direct a live play performance, then in the end, just let the show "happen"!

I literally "give the show" to the actors, saying, "It's your show". And then step back and watch, knowing it's going to unfold no matter what, trusting that all that planning and rehearsal will pay off.

Lines may be flubbed, entrances delayed or skipped entirely. The lead singer might hit an off note and the ingénue could trip on the rug at the most inopportune moment. But the play goes on. And the actors are the ones who make that happen. They've learned to trust each other and they know what the story is about. They'll do whatever it takes to move the story forward. And the play goes on.

With the DWIFF, I'm also a player, or volunteer. Our great DWIFF Cast is ready to open the show, and once the curtain goes up, be prepared for a great time!  We've got the props, lines and blocking arranged. We even have three great Acts (Films, TechFair, Children's Program), following by lots of afterglows, always an important part of any production!

So come to the show. We're ready for a great weekend of promoting our creative community and emerging film culture. That's really the story here, we're promoting our collective talent and resources through fun events that give us all a chance to be part of show biz.